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How do I sign into the spindy portal?

Go to gameiq.net/spindy and sign in with your username and password.

Can I download the app as a user?

Yes! Download the app for free in the App Store or Google Play store.

Please note, you will need a different email address to create a user account than the one you will use for your business account.

Signing Up

How do I get my store listed on spindy?

Signup for an account here. You can create a free account to test drive the system.

What happens after I sign up?

You will need to add your store and complete your profile. 

Will I get billed upon sign up?

No. We will bill you only when we bring you a sale after you go live with your listing.

Setting up a store

How do I create my store listing?

Click on the 'stores' tab and click 'add store.' Populate all required fields and save your changes. Your listing will be live when you set the status to active.

Managing your store listing

How do I update my reward settings?
Click on your store name. then click on the ‘rewards’ tab and edit desired settings.

Can I turn off my listing for a period of time?
Yes. Click on the store your want to remove and update the status to ‘inactive’ which will make the store invisible to app users.

How do I change my main picture on the app?
Click on the store you want to update. select the ‘images’ tab. Update the first image to be the main photo you want to display on the app.

I can’t upload any more pictures. what’s going on?
There is a limit of five photos per store listing. If you’d like to change a photo but you already have five uploaded, you can delete one of the old photos before adding new ones.

Account and billing info

Can I monitor transactions that are being completed at my store?

Yes! Of course, you are in control. click on the ‘rewards’ tab located in the left navigation to see a list of each transaction at the store location.

How often am I billed?

You will receive an electronic invoice every week on Sunday. This will include charges for the previous week. The following Sunday, the total amount of the invoice will be automatically debited from the account connected to your user profile.

Can I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account or remove your listing any time for any reason.

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